Martin Cavill, GBR

  • Will be judging:
  • Small Team Agility
  • Medium Team Jumping
  • Large Individual Agility
  • Intermediate Individual Final
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Neil Ellis

Neil Ellis, GBR

  • Will be judging:
  • Small Team Jumping
  • Intermediate Team Agility
  • Medium Individual Agility
  • Large Individual Final
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Sascha Grunder, SUI

  • Will be judging:
  • Medium Individual Jumping
  • Large Team Jumping
  • Intermediate Individual Agility
  • Small Individual Final
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Nic Jones, GBR

  • Will be judging:
  • Large Team Agility
  • Intermediate Individual Jumping
  • Small Team Final
  • Medium Team Final
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Reetta Pirttikoski, FIN

  • Will be judging:
  • Medium Team Agility
  • Small Individual Jumping
  • Intermediate Team Final
  • Large Team Final
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Daniel Walz, DEU

  • Will be judging:
  • Intermediate Team Jumping
  • Small Individual Agility
  • Large Individual Jumping
  • Medium Individual Final
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