Before you travel, check the Goverment website for entry restrictions and requirements.
These may change with little warning. Monitor this advice for all the latest updates.

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Fitness to travel and preventing injury or suffering

  • Your dog should be fit and healthy enough to undertake the intended journey

  • Your dog will travel better if it does not have a full stomach – provide only a light meal about two hours before the journey starts

  • We would not recommend sedating your dog before transport – If you do give your pet a sedative, you should carry a certificate which states the drug, dosage, and the date and time it was given

  • Containers used must be of a suitable size for your dog. The dog must be able to stand naturally without any impediment, lie down and turn around within the container

  • Ensure your dog has had the opportunity to become familiar with any transport container you intend to use to minimise stress

  • Make sure you give your dog the opportunity to toilet before transport commences

During the journey

  • Make sure containers are safely positioned and secure i.e.

  • Cannot move when you accelerate, brake or go around corners

  • Are easy to get to so you can check your pet and get it out of the vehicle as necessary

  • Are not exposed to strong sunlight or drafts

  • Ventilation around containers must be maximised – avoid loading any other luggage around at least three sides of the container

  • Do not place any heavy luggage on the container

  • Make sure you are carrying enough food and water

  • Regularly check your pet during the journey, offer water frequently and provide toilet and exercise breaks in safe places

Further information

The welfare of animals in transport is covered by EU Regulation 1/2005, implemented in England by The Welfare of Animals (transport) (England) Order 2006 (WATEO 2006) and parallel legislation in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Under Articles 4 and 5(1)(a) of WATEO 2006, there is a general duty of care provision protecting animals from being transported in a way that causes or is likely to cause them injury or unnecessary suffering.

EU Regulation 1/2005 and certain provisions of WATEO 2006 relate to the transport of animals in connection with an economic activity. If these provisions apply to you, there may be additional requirements when transporting your dog. Further guidance can be found at GOV.UK

Where APHA Inspectors identify transport conditions that are not compliant with Article 4 or Article 5(1)(a) of WATEO 2006, they will take, or direct action, to be taken.